USB 3.0 Portable SuperMulti Drive

Katalógové číslo: PA5221E-2DV2

USB 3.0 Portable SuperMulti Drive

Plug and Play

With the compact and stylish Toshiba SuperMulti Drive, you can use DVDs externally on the go – and play movies, load software, and backup files with ease. Installation is fast and simple, while the high speed USB 3.0 interface means you can plug in and play in seconds. There’s no need to charge the SuperMulti Drive either; it’s BUS powered, so once it’s plugged in, you have all the power you need*. Compatible with almost all CD and DVD disc formats, and highly mobile at just 14.7 mm thin, it’s the most convenient way to play DVDs externally. The SuperMulti Drive looks great too, with an aluminium hairline chassis that really turns heads.

* Windows® tablets must have a full-size USB port and may need additional power to operate this product. Connect the included USB Y-cable “power” cable into a powered USB hub or an AC adapter with a USB port.

USB 3.0 Portable SuperMulti Drive
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